Cricket Betting - Bet on Cricket Online in India

Cricket betting in India has soared in popularity since the birth of internet betting. A new dimension is now open to Indians all over the country and thanks to this dimension, the odds and number of matches available have been vastly improved.

For years, finding somewhere to legally bet on cricket would of been impossible but not any more. Thanks to a host of excellent UK licensed betting websites, it is now possible to take full advantage of online cricket betting from the comfort of your own home.

We're not just talking about the usual bets like who will win the next test. There are now plenty of betting options available to keep even the keenest of cricket fans satisfied.

Bet on players to score a century, bet on players to score a fifty, bet on the highest scorer for each team in the 1st and 2nd innings of a test.

Bet on the bowler to take the most wickets, bet on the team batting firsts overall total. Bet on what day the test match will finish and even what session.

Bet on the IPL, The Big Bash & Test series happening all over the world. Bet on the outcomes of Twenty-Twenty, ODI's, Test Matches and any other format that is still played today.

You can bet on the number of run outs in a game, what the method of dismissal will be to take the first wicket and for those who like the extreme long shot, you can even bet on matches to be a tie.

Whatever your desired bet, there are now plenty of online betting markets to take full advantage of in India and best of all, this is all completely legal!

Best Place To Bet On Cricket In India

Whilst many places now allow Indian bets it is always best to stick with a safe, proven bookmaker to ensure that depositing your money and withdrawing it when needed is as pain free experience as possible.

For that reason, we recommend Indian users head to Bet365.Com and open an account there.

Bet365 are an incredibly well established UK licensed bookmaker and have a fine reputation for offering brilliant odds on pretty much every sport going.

Not only are their betting odds superb but their customer service is too and this means if you do run in to any kind of difficulty in regards to your account then the problem will be resolved promptly.

Bet365 have even got that little bit further and now allow Indian users to bet in Rupees.

Betting in USD or GBP has never been too much of a problem but having access to Indian Rupee cricket betting saves you a bit of money on the exchange rate and makes life a lot easier when it comes to calculating potential winnings.

When you've created an account over at Bet365, you'll be offered a variety of payment methods. We've found that when depositing from India that safest (and best) methods are NETELLER & Moneybookers.

These kind of services are known as e-wallets and basically, all you need to do is deposit money into your e-wallet from your credit/debit card and then deposit those funds in to your Bet365 account.

Once you've done this, you should be up and running and ready to take advantage of the world that is online cricket betting.

Alternative Indian Rupee Cricket Betting

William Hill is probably the best alternative to Bet365. Whilst Bet365 are bigger in the online world of betting, William Hill are massive when it comes to having actual outlets.

There are not many streets in the UK you can walk down without seeing a William Hill and for that reason, the odds online are always rather attractive and there is plenty of action available.

They don't quite make life as easy as Bet365 in the sense that you would have to calculate your Rupees in to USD but apart from that, they're a very reliable and safe online betting website and you can't go too far wrong providing you use the recommended e-wallets to deposit.

Making Winning Cricket Bets

Once you're Indian cricket betting account is ready to go, the next thing you'll want to do is start winning and the best way to do that is to look for value and look for form.

Many will say that cricket is a funny game but the reality is, it's a lot more predictable than most sports.

Whilst upsets in cricket do happen, the vast majority of the time the favorites come out on top and the same cannot be said for many other sports.

There are also several factors in cricket that can be taken advantage of.

Waiting for analysis of the pitch, the weather and the toss are key elements to winning your cricket bets.

With so much statistical information available, there really is no excuse not to do your homework before placing a bet.

You will find that certain teams do better when they bat first. You'll find that teams that bat under the floodlights in a day/night game often struggle to chase down the score needed.

You'll see that teams like India do very well at home but often when they play away, the odds are not quite as favorable.

The same homework is necessary if you're betting on the outcome of individual players. Players who are in a rich vein of form tend to carry this form onwards for the remainder of the series. Players that look out of touch or have not played much cricket of late will usually offer poor value and should be avoided at all costs.

One of the best ways to find value is to take advantage of the changing odds whilst the match is in play. A couple of quick early wickets can drastically change the odds of the team batting first and although sometimes a team will collapse to a dismal total, more often than not they rebuild their innings to offer outstanding value to those who backed them when they were under pressure.

Narrowing Your Focus

It goes without saying that legal cricket betting in India should be done for fun first and foremost but if you really want to turn yourself in to a winning player then narrowing your focus should significantly increase your chances.

With cricket being played everywhere in the world in so many different formats, it would be a difficult task for even the most avid cricket fanatic to develop enough knowledge about teams and players to have an edge whenever they bet so focusing on one or two leagues and formats is a very good way to proceed.

It's always best to bet on the games you enjoy most. Whether that be the IPL or tests, ODI's or The Big Bash is entirely down to you.

Every tournament and every match in every country have market edges that you can exploit to profit from in the long run so get acquainted with a few markets and bet on cricket the way it should be done, with an edge!