IPL Betting 2013 - Bet on Indian Premier League Online

In 2013 the Indian Premier League will return with 9 teams competing for the diamond encrusted trophy and the cricketing showcase will be broadcast to homes all around the world.

With the IPL attracting the biggest players from all the top nations you can be sure of quality cricketing entertainment but how can you be sure to win money when you place IPL bets?

Whilst there is no sure fire way to win every time when it comes to Indian Premier League betting (what would be the fun in that), there are plenty of distinct advantages you can use to ensure that more often than not, your bets come in as WINNERS.

Bet On IPL? Bet On The Captains

As any cricket fan will know, captaincy is a huge part of any winning side and in T20 cricket, it is especially important.

Captains are continually forced to make quick decisions and these quick decisions are ultimately be the difference between winning and losing.

Perhaps what makes the IPL so compelling and vastly different to other forms of cricket is the ability for games to be turned around very quickly.

In last seasons IPL, how many times did we see teams in commanding positions suddenly find themselves underdogs thanks to a moment of magic or pressured madness?

The answer is quite a few and a lot of the time, it is the captains that are instrumental in changing games.

This means that doing your research on who is captaining a particular IPL side and their ability is crucial to winning your IPL bets.

The Advantage Of Batting First

Arguably the biggest advantage when it comes to IPL betting is to put your money on the side batting first and the reason for this is twofold.

Having runs on the board is always advantageous in cricket betting but significantly advantageous in the shortest format of the game.

A team batting first doesn't have to set a fantastic score to put the opposition under pressure.

When a score of around 140 is posted, the opposition have to work very hard to chase the runs down.

Although 140 is by no means a big score in the IPL it will often lead to winning online IPL bets as you're asking the opposition to provide at least one innings of significance.

You also need to consider that with a score like 140 on the board, if the team batting second doesn't get off to a flyer then the run rate will start to creep up and chasing anything around 8 an over with the opening bowlers coming back in to play is never easy.

If you're betting after the toss and you know who is batting first then you should find some excellent value over the course of the IPL season.

The second main advantage of batting first is that you get to bat in the best conditions.

Whilst the pitch doesn't play a massive part in IPL cricket (in comparison to tests) the conditions are considerably more favorable towards the start of the innings than they are towards the end.

Batting under floodlights is more difficult than batting in daylight and a lot of the time, the evening weather will just give the bowlers using it that little bit more grip and turn which makes it harder to score at a quick rate.

Even the best teams struggle that little bit more to win games batting second!

Look For The Match Winner

The IPL attracts the biggest names in crickets so a lot of the time the research needed to find potential match winners won't be too extensive.

The real beauty of the IPL is that the top players can single handedly win games on their own and whilst we never really know whether they'll do it on the day, things like recent form will give you a good indication of whether your dangerman will deliver.

It's always a good idea to look at the statistics of the overseas players playing in that particular game as these are the guys that are paid huge amounts of money to come out and perform.

Have a look at their recent form and then take a look at the odds for both teams to win.

If you think that a team has a player that could win the match single-handedly and the market is making them underdogs then you've probably stumbled across one of the many IPL bets that offer terrific value.

With that said, it's important you don't get too blinded by the big names as there is still plenty of home-grown talent from India that are more than capable of bowling spells or playing innings that will win matches.

The team with the biggest overseas names isn't necessarily the strongest (and this is a mistake a lot of people make when Indian Premier League Betting) - they need a good team around them to deliver the goods!